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Posted by pedromh on 2012/11/1 7:53:57 (0 reads)

Hi Team,

I want to thank all my students, coaches and training partners for all their help preparing for the London Open and European No-Gi Championships. Also, all my coaches that taught the classes while I was gone. I know I could not have done it alone. I'm so grateful for all of you!!! These gold medals belong to all of us!! Thank you!!

Sincerely, Jack McVicker

Read the TribStar article about Jack's four medals in London:


Posted by pedromh on 2012/10/9 13:25:16 (0 reads)

We took several guys to the World Master/Seniors Championshipsr in Long Beach California. Professor Megaton took Silver in his weight and Gold in the Open. Chris Malone took a Gold medal in blue beltSenior 1. Chris Howe took a Silver in his weight class and a Gold in the Open. I took Bronze in the Black belt light weight Senior 1. BrianMadsen, Mark Huls, Ken Bailey, and Kyle Watson came up short but represeted well. They are warriors and will back on the podium soon. Thanks to everyone for helping us prepare. I really appreciate it!

See you on the mats, Jack McVicker

Posted by pedromh on 2012/10/2 7:40:13 (0 reads)

We went 3-0 on Saturday night in MMA. Nick Alexander won his 1st MMA match by guillotine in under a minute of rd 1. Kyle Allen submitted his opponent by RNC in less than a minute as well. Zach Edington won himself another belt at 185lbs. He submitted his opponent in the 2nd rd by RNC. Congratulations to all the guys and team support.

Robbie Lewis won Gold in adult purple belt open on Saturday. He submitted his 1st two opponents and 23 to 0 the 3rd. He also took Bronze in the open division. Ian Chaney took a bronze in the his division. Congratulationsand keep it up.

Posted by pedromh on 2012/8/21 7:46:20 (0 reads)

We took 40 competitors and brought back 27 medals, 6 gold, 11 silver and 10 bronze for a total of 96 team points. Thanks to everyone for doing their best and representing our team. Big thanks to Professor Peplow and Serafin for coaching all day.

Amir Rouzati- 3rd white juvenile
Alec Wilcosky- 3rd white juvenile
Raj Chittal- 2nd white feather
Ian Chaney- 3rd white medium heavy
Michelle Tovrea-3rd white female
Mike Wlos- 2nd white light
Mike Schrader-3rd white light
Matt Maddeke-2nd white medium heavy
Tim Zoch-2nd white heavy
Ken Bailey-1st white medium heavy
Raymond Ventura- 3rd blue feather
Chris Malone-1st blue light feather
William Harding-2nd blue feather
Larry Cheeks- 2nd blue light
Mark Maiden-2nd blue super heavy
Greg Tobin-2nd blue middle heavy and 1st in blue open
Constantin Radu-1st blue ultra heavy
Kyle Allen-2nd purple middle
Robbie Lewis- 3rd purple medium heavy
Keith Smetana-3rd purpble medium heavy
Ilya Bodnya- 1st purple heavy
Jonathan Lane-2nd purple heavy
Tom Mulroy-3rd purple light
Brian Madsen-3rd purple middle
Louie Gonzalez-1st brown light
Ryan Prouty-2nd brown ultra heavy

Great job!

Posted by pedromh on 2012/8/14 9:18:31 (0 reads)

Changing colors from white to blue or purple is bad if you are in a chokehold, but great if you are being promoted in BJJ!!! Watson Martial Arts was not only proud to promote some deserving students this past weekend, but we were also grateful to receive some excellent training knowledge from our team leader Jack McVicker! It was a fantastic turnout, and Jack continued to show why he is sought out as an instructor and feared as a competitor. Congrats to those who were promoted (Shaun Thomas, Keith Steinacher, Adam Marburger, Tommy Barker, and Brandon Winfrey to blue belt and Josh McKinney to purple belt)!

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