I could easily talk for an hour about McVicker’s Martial Arts Academy and about Jack, personally.   McVicker’s Martial Arts Academy is an absolute gem right here in the Wabash Valley.  Having an instructor of Jack’s background and credentials here in the area is an incredible opportunity not to be missed.  Jack creates an environment in which it’s fun to learn and train.  I first became acquainted with the academy when I enrolled my son in his kids’ program.  Seeing the environment Jack creates in the academy and the way he teaches and works with his students convinced me to sign myself up, as well.  Jack has a remarkable ability to create in his students the kind of drive and passion for learning and improving that has helped him to become a world champion.  His “leave your ego at the door” philosophy creates a team environment in which everyone learns together, helps one another, and genuinely wants to see teammates succeed.  There are a lot of martial arts programs out there — here are some of the reasons I chose McVicker’s:

  1.  A truly world-class teacher.  Jack is a world champion, trained and certified by the very best in the world.
  2.  A combination of styles/disciplines that is the best around — Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Jeet Kune Do Concepts, in which Jack incorporates what works from anywhere it’s found.  Kali, escrima, boxing, wrestling, muay thai…  The list goes on and on.  If it works, you’ll probably get some exposure to it at the academy.  Whether you’re training for self-defense and self-confidence, preparing for your upcoming Mixed Martial Arts fight, or just want a great workout and a little healthy competition, you can find it.
  3.  An environment that promotes learning, team, and self-improvement.
  4.  It’s just plain fun.  The stress release I get from learning, from working, from training with live partners is just not available anywhere else.  I genuinely look forward to going to the academy.
  5.  It improves the way I feel about myself, the way I feel about life, and my health.  It truly is life-changing, for me.

And personally, outside the realm of the testimonial, yes, I really mean all of that and I genuinely appreciate all of the help and coaching you’ve given me.  It really does change everything.  I wish I’d started 20 years or so ago.